Edgartown Golf Club

" in Memory of Mark Mattison "

" in Memory of Norman Vunk "

" in Loving Memory of Peter Guernsey"

" In Memory of Phil Smith"

" in Memory of Tony Meyer"

" Jeanne T. Zenker. Jeanne was full of life and appreciative. A zest for and interest in people she called friends and those who she met in passing. She had a full and rewarding life and we miss her each day"

" In Memory of Gordon T. Getsinger, one of the greatest from the greatest generation"

" In Memory of Ray Ellis, a great friend and gentleman "

' In Memory of Collister Johnson, he was much loved by all that had the good fortune to know him and he had the sunnyist disposition of anyone I ever knew. A man for the ages "

" In Memory of Patricia Meyers, she so loved the game and the club"

" In Memory of Greg Knapp. He loved the club! "

" In Memory of Philip B. Smith, he loved EGC.

" In Honor of James Martin"

" To Tony Meyer, a great friend and is never too far from our memories. There will never be another Tony. Truly missed ."

" In Memory of Phil Smith "

" In Memory of Ralph Bartlett, who we loved so much. He was our guiding light that we miss so much. "