Edgartown Golf Club

2022 Founders Fund Tributes:

In Memory of Bobby and Scott.

In Memory of Peter Guernsey Sr.

In Memory of Tony Meyer, Ted Morgan, and Karel Mattison; 3 of the great ones whose love and devotion to EGC is an example to follow.

In Memory of Tony Meyer and Ted Morgan.

In Memory of Sam Warriner.

In Memory of Tony Bettencourt, a wonderful man, we knew for years.

In Memory of Edward T. Goodman.

In Memory of Warren S. Kimber Jr.

In Memory of Philip B. Smith, he loved the wildlife and beauty of the golf course.

In Memory of Tony Bettencourt, one of my closest friends and a great golfing companion.

In Memory of Norman Vunk and Coo Cavallo, 2 great guys and I loved working for them at the Harborview in the 70's.

In Memory of Tricia Meyers, she loved the club.

In Memory of George Sanford Jr. He was the clubs biggest fan. He loved the EGC community.

In Honor of the life of Karel Mattison.

In Memory of David Vietor, my older brother, a great sailor, but never quite became the golfer he hoped he would be. Very much missed. 

In Honor of Mark and Karel Mattison: Great friends of EGC.

In Memory of Gordon Getsinger; The best Dad ever.

In Memory of Philip Smith.

In Memory of Karel Mattison...Greatly missed by all.

In Memory of Bill and Libby Post.

In Memory of Tony Meyer.