Edgartown Golf Club

"In Memory of Mac Reed "

" In Loving Memory of Sam Fleming "

" In Memory of Otis L. Guernsey and Peter E. Guernsey "

" Tony Meyer , a dear friend and always missed "

" In Memory of Alex Bryan, a great man who always contributed his time to the club and loved every aspect of it ! "

" In Memory of Henry Chaffee, he always loved EGC and enjoyed playing there "

" In Memory of William and Libby Post "

" In Honor of James Martin "

" In Memory of Philip Smith, a great man "

" In Loving Memory of Roberta C. Brown"

" For Raymond Farland, beloved by Members and Staff alike "

" In Memory of Greg Knapp who loved the golf course "

" In Memory of Sam Fleming, a wonderful warm man with a great sense of humor and a gifted poet who could turn a phrase as well as anyone"

" In Memory of Mac Reed, a monumental personality in the life of the club"

" For Mac Reed , and sending blessings to Debbie and Lucinda"

" In Memory of Roberta Brown, lady golfer"

" For Norman Vunk, we miss his friendly greetings"

" In Memory of William and Libby Post"

" With Thanks to the Grounds Crew ! "

" For Mac Reed, a great friend and neighbor"

" In Memory of Edmund B. Ross Sr. "

" in Memory of Patricia Meyers"

" In Honor of Edward T. Goodman, a consumate gentleman and professional and terrific father in law"

" On behalf of my beloved neighbor and friend, Harding Brown"

" In Memory and Honor of William Everdell III, a man who truely loved EGC"