Edgartown Golf Club

2020 Founders Fund Tributes (in the order they were received)

In Memory of Bill and Libby Post.

In Memory of Gordon T. Getsinger.

In Memory of Philip B. Smith. He loved EGC and we miss him.

In Memory of Bill Post Sr. He loved EGC and was of the first members to help fund the new irrigation system.

For Sam Warriner: His love of golf put a smile on your face !

In Memory of John Moffet. John was refreshing in terms of his humor, courage, and personality. He will be missed.

In Memory of Edward T. Goodman. He was the finest individual I have ever known.

In Memory of Edward T Goodman. A consumate gentleman, and a terrific golfer. We miss you!

To John Moffet: We will always remember your laugh, sense of humor and love of life. Eternal rest my friend.

In Memory of Edward Goodman; a true gentleman.

In Memory of Edward T. Goodman. A true gentleman, sportsman, and good friend to all golfers.

In Memory of Edward; we will never be the same without you.

In Memory of John Moffet. He went out of his way to make everyone he spoke to feel important.

In Memory of Tony Meyer. A great friend to many of us and always remembered.

In Memory of Edward T. Goodman. He was a master of the game of golf and it was an inspiration to play with him. We have lost a great member.

In Memory of Lanning MacFarland Jr. "Stay away from the double bogey" was always his last piece of advise.

In Memory of Raymond Farland. The Edgartown Golf Club was an important part of his life and he was proud of his service to the club as a long time Board Member. He enjoyed bringing his grandsons to play, and was happy to have created the "Knight Overlook".