Edgartown Golf Club

In Memory of Lanning Macfarland Jr.; Longtime member of EGC and served on the Board and Membership Committee

In Memory of Tony Meyer; A good friend , missed forever.

In Memory of Greg Knapp; He loved belonging to EGC

In Memory of Ted Morgan

In Memory of Ted Morgan; We will be eternally grateful for the legacy you left us.

In Memory of Robert Gardiner; He was an outstanding personality, big and bold, also kind and generous.

In Memory of David and Jeanne Zenker; Forever with us.

In Honor of James Martin

In Memory of Roberta Brown; A graceful lady

In Honor of Otis L. Guernsey Sr., Peter Guernsey and David Guernsey; all of whom were EGC  Members and enjoyed the club for many years.

In Honor of all the past members

In Memory of Robert Gardiner; a fabulous person who will be missed 

In Memory of Ted Morgan; We will very much miss him at all of the events

In Memory of Ted Morgan; A true leader and visionary for EGC

In Memory of Phil Smith; Still missing and cherishing all the memories, particularly the "alohas" at EGC

In Memory of Warren Kimber Jr.

In Memory of Jim and Janet Wolff; Thank you for the introduction to the game of golf

In Memory of Betty and Dick Dickinson

In Memory of Ray Farland and Bud Knight and "The Dairy Queen Match"

In Memory of Phil Smith

In Memory of Tricia Meyers; She loved the club