news from the manager


Posted on: April 25th, 2013 by Manager

We will be hand raking bunkers this summer which will be great. This will accomplish many things. The edges of the bunkers will suffer less abuse from the absence of the machine.

The appearance and playability of the bunkers will be more “traditional”.

The staff will be able to operate more efficiently and quietly with regard to bunker work.

Of course, the Membership can be very helpful in the ongoing care of the bunkers with regard to the following:

Please thoroughly  rake the bunker with care and try not to drag the sand up to the top edge of the bunker.

Please leave the rake in the bunker with the handle aligned in the general direction of play. ( see photo)

Please always enter and exit the bunker on the “low side”, generally away from the hole, esp. on #6.

This year we will be “eyebrowing” some fairway bunkers. This means that some bunkers will have long strands or clumps of heather on the backside of them.

This treatment will not be penal but will accent the bunkers in a very traditional fashion.

Please pay attention as these areas “grow in” this spring. These areas are sensitive to foot traffic, tantrums, etc.

Your help with bunker care will help us further improve the playing conditions that we enjoy!