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Spring ( if you want to call it that) Walk Through of the Golf Course…

Posted on: March 27th, 2013 by Manager

The entire staff walked the golf course today to review the property and contour the shapes and outlines of the various “cuts” on the golf course. We have pushed back some high rough areas, added 15 yards to the front of the 1st fairway and identified some ares of the course that need attention. The crew has pretty much finished the annual clean-up of the grounds which was especially tough this year due to the amount and intensity of all the storms we had.

In addition to the work we planned on today, Ken would like to “eyebrow” a large number of fairway bunkers. It is a nice detail to a bunker edge that will enhance and accent the historic atmosphere of the property. The treatment does take some additional care and it is important that the eyebrow areas be considered sensitive and not be walked on or through, anyway more on that later.

We are very excited about the upcoming season and hope that warmer weather is right around the corner.