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Top of the World ! Tom Gardner…

Posted on: July 30th, 2015 by Manager

Among the many unique qualities of The Edgartown Golf Club, are the employees. Over the years we have been fortunate to have a vast array of talent pass through the gates, most of them arriving very early in the morning to prepare the Golf Course for daily play. We have had great seasonal employees and have many long term employees that are both loyal and have a great personal investment in the club. We are in touch with most of the folks that have worked here over the years and they all follow the website and come back for a visit from time to time. ( you might have noticed the ” where are they now ? ” posting on the website occasionally. )

In any case, about twelve years ago, give or take, we got a call, in early May, from some kid that was living in San Diego, Calf. He informed us that his girlfriend had secured a job and a place to stay on Martha’s Vineyard for the summer and that he would be coming with her. He explained his new interest in golf and was looking for a job. After a little banter, we said , “you know what, you’re hired ! ”

The kid showed up in early June , barely knowing a shovel from a rake, even though he was from New Hampshire , and was assigned a position on the grounds crew. He quickly became a great employee and a friend to all. This was about the time Jim Hackenberg ( a success in his own right ) was around and at the time our dear friend , Pete Lally was playing his best golf. This young lad would go out every night with Jim and Pete to play and the 3 of them quickly became close friends and very competitive on the golf course.

Over the next few years, this young man matured and his golf game evolved to a level that most of us only dream about. Time to go back to California ! He secured a position as an “assistant pro” at the Westin Resort in Rancho Mirage which meant that he was basically parking cars and hauling bags but it did provide an avenue into the more “professional” aspect of the sport and a place to play and work on his game.

One day, venturing northward, towards Los Angeles, he got a call on his cell from Jim Hackenberg, who had just noticed a job opening for a bonafide Assistant Pro position at Bel Air C.C. . He called for an interview. Bel Air C.C. is a celebrity filled club, a great classic old course with deep traditions and pockets. A fine piece of real estate that just exemplifies fine living, fine golf with a touch of American royalty .

Bel Air has been run forever by Dave Podus , a highly respected pro, in his own right , and our young man stepped in for  the interview with him . About halfway through, Dave said to our young man, ” you know you’ve done something different than every other candidate that i’ve interviewed” . Our young man said , “whats that?” . The reply was , “well you’re not wearing a coat and tie ! ” . Our young man, a little caught off guard  scrambled , but instead of saying , gee i was on my way up here to see friends and got the call about the job opening and wasn’t prepared with the proper attire,  he said ” well I’m a little laid back and didn’t think it would be a big deal “. Mr Podus reply? ” You know what kid ? You’re Hired ! ”

Well our young friend spent 5 great years as an assistant pro at Bel Air; made contacts, made friends, gained respect, developed a superb game and got married.

Our young friends name is Tom Gardner, and Tom has just been hired as the new Head Golf Professional and Director of Golf at The Los Angeles Country Club in Los Angeles , California.

We here at Edgartown Golf Club; all of us, Tom, are very proud of you and wish you all the best for becoming the person you are and for securing one of the top jobs in your profession.

All the best ! Top of the World !

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